The Insanity of the Clinton Campaign — An Update

Have we see anything more politically insane, more downright delusional, than Hillary Clinton’s current campaign for the presidency? In answering that, we might wish to imagine the political landscape of 1976 (our nation’s bicentennial). The Watergate scandal had drawn to a close, Americans had generally gotten past the jolt of President Gerald Ford pardoning former President Richard Nixon for any Watergate-related crimes he may or may not have committed. People were focused on the upcoming presidential election.

Imagine further that Richard Nixon, despite all his political baggage, decided to throw his hat in the ring and once more run for president (having served less than two years of his second term, before resigning amid scandal, he’d have been eligible). Imagine still further that nearly half of all Republicans said they didn’t trust Mr. Nixon, yet a majority said they’d vote for him anyway. And not only that, Nixon’s candidacy had unflinching support from the three broadcast networks (in 1976 there were only ABCNBC and CBS) and from much of the nation’s media and cultural elite. As insane as all of this may sound, it’s comparable to modern-day liberals and their delusional ‘Hillary for President’ routine.

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“13 Hours” Unearths Hidden Treasure

The new film, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, tells an incredible story of heroism and human sacrifice. Director Michael Bay serves his subject matter honorably by rendering their narrative in an engaging and perceptive manner. He also unearths a bit of treasure.

What U.S. military and civilian personnel stationed in Benghazi, Libya endured on the night of September 11, 2012 — as depicted in this film — was harrowing, deadly and mind-blowing. But what is also amazing about their story is that, for almost four years now, it has gone largely untold.

The reason is obvious. 13 Hours puts the lie to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s 2012 campaign narrative — as promoted by their operatives in the liberal media (a.k.a.’mainstream media’) — that Islamic extremists had been rendered impotent, that Libya was stable and receptive to American diplomacy, and that a deadly attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi resulted from a civilian protest, over an internet video, that simply spiraled out of control.

A world exists — blunt, threatening, challenging — aside from what political elites would often have us believe. 13 Hours unearths an important and compelling slice of this world, a previously hidden element of truth, and shares it with anyone willing to face that which is real.



What if the primary match-up between Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is a smoke screen? Highly publicized and well-financed, but a diversion nonetheless.

Hillary has, among her many flaws, serious legal problems to overshadow everything she does. Her assorted improprieties — some would call them crimes — are only going to become more glaring when the FBI concludes its current investigation and calls upon the Obama Administration to indict.

Then there’s ‘Uncle Bernie,’ the crazy in the corner who wants to tax America into oblivion and pursue brazenly socialist policies; yet somehow hopes to find enough support among political centrists to get elected president — not bloody likely.

There are other Democrats on stand-bye. Joe Biden comes to mind. So does Elizabeth Warren. Al Gore … uh, no. Joe and Liz, and perhaps some mystery date, are avoiding the primaries altogether; only a draft movement (well orchestrated, mind you) would pull them into the race. The liberal media (a.k.a. ‘mainstream media’) would support them, and decline to examine their flaws, in the haste of a final run-up to November. Now, that’s some high-stakes political theater.

Note, however, that in this election cycle the old school playbook is out the window; e.g. GOP primaries where voters eschew conventional wisdom and support whoever they damn well please. With Barack Obama as Charlatan in Chief, the liberal media gone native for progressivism, a marginalized political establishment, and an electorate that has had it up to here … perhaps it’s time to let go of those popular assumptions held only a year ago … and begin to ask … what if …?


How Obama Begat Trump

The political left has a slew of objections to Donald Trump’s candidacy; while they have as many, if not more, rationalizations for viewing the Obama presidency as a success. Partisan blinders prevent their seeing how Mr. Obama’s many shortcomings have actually paved the way for a Trump candidacy that defies the rules of establishment politics.

Liberal elites chose to ignore obvious problems with Mr. Obama’s candidacy in 2008: his lack of significant managerial experience; his lack of exposure to international diplomacy, financial markets and macroeconomic policy; and his radical-leftist views of the world and America’s role in it — to name just a few. Establishment liberals have chosen, as well, to downplay Mr. Obama’s glaring inadequacies while in office: his consistent exacerbation of racial and other political divides, his bellicose derision of those who stand in his way, his recurring constitutional usurpations and rank politicization of one government appendage after another, including the IRS, the Justice Department and the EPA — to name just a few.

For the past eight years, America’s liberal establishment has treated Mr. Obama like a media celebrity, like a rock star or movie star, but not like a President of the United States. No minimum requirement of decent behavior, no accountability or outrage. Just fawning supplication and unyielding support.

Such moral and political malpractice — not only by Mr. Obama and Democrats, but also from the liberal media (a.k.a. ‘mainstream media’) establishment entrusted to keep watch against such shenanigans — has left many American voters angry and disillusioned. And many of them support Mr. Trump because: 1) they’ve grown accustomed to celebrity politicians who generate enthusiasm, play well for the cameras and run roughshod over whatever doesn’t please them; or 2) they’re so angry and so frightened for America’s future that they’ll support anyone who can prevent another four years’ march toward left-wing fascism — or both.