Pro-Choice and Pro-Life

Let me state, at the outset, that I am pro-choice.

We human beings share an inherent right to exercise dominion over our bodies, and to make choices derived of this right. In America we impose limits on this right of bodily dominion. We have laws prohibiting suicide, prohibiting the use of illicit drugs, and controlling other means of ingestion such as smoking and drinking alcohol. We entrust parents to exercise benevolent dominion over the bodies of their young children; we allow the state considerable dominion over those in our armed forces; and we incarcerate criminals, reserving the death penalty for those who commit the most heinous of crimes. Also in America, we allow extreme violence, even dismemberment, against the body of a human being that has yet to be born and thus remains inside the body of its mother.

Let me also state, for the record, that I am pro-life.

The right to life is the most basic of human rights, a foundation upon which all others rest, and its infringement should occur only in the most extreme circumstances. Our society condones, for instance, application of the death penalty for the most heinous of crimes (as mentioned above), the taking of another life in self-defense, as well as the taking of life as an act of war. Each of these examples implies, indeed mandates, a level of compliance and lack of innocence on the part of the victim. In contrast, it must be recognized that taking the life of an unborn human being mandates the victim’s non-compliance and utter innocence.

Efforts to infringe upon a person’s life or bodily dominion must be approached with great caution and reason. The central issue regarding abortion, then, is really one of addressing how society should balance these two rights – bodily dominion and sanctity of life – which appear, at times, to conflict.

In the case of an unborn child, innocent life is in the balance, and a proper course manifest.

2 thoughts on “Pro-Choice and Pro-Life

  1. I knew this would be interesting….. I am pro- choice myself but understand non religious people have different opinions. We are getting a lot more un religious folks these days……. Excellent work


  2. I am very Pro Choice but I have a problem with those who abuse the Pro Choice banner to allow anyone the “right” to exercise their personal choice upon someone else and thus abuse the rights of that other person.

    No man or woman has the absolute right right to do what he or she wants with his or her own body: Try selling a kidney and see how fast you are stopped.

    No Person has the “right” to end the life of an innocent, or to murder an innocent such as a baby in the womb (which modern science has shown to be irrefutably human and a distinct life from that of the mother.)

    My rights are infinite but they stop where the next person’s rights begin.

    And if you argue that the life in the womb is not a person, then I guess you can convince yourself that black slavery is ok, because blacks are not really full persons. You can find it easy to justify the extermination of 6 million Jews and others in gas chambers because they are not desirable persons [or even human either.]

    For all my friends that have ended their children’s life in the womb, they should know that Jesus died to forgive them even this. Merry Christmas.


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