You Want Liberal Bias? … I’ll Give You Liberal Bias!


President Obama looked like a clueless rube earlier this week, when he claimed that mass shootings (such as occur in the U.S. all too frequently), simply do not occur in other countries. He said this during a press conference in Paris, of all places, where a horrific mass shooting had occurred only days earlier.

You may have missed the liberal media (a.k.a. ‘mainstream media’) outrage over Mr. Obama’s blatantly incongruous comment … because there wasn’t any. They save their outrage for Republicans, such as Donald Trump, when he claims there were celebrations prompted by the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

And the liberal media scoff at the notion of their own liberal bias, telling us the perception of such bias is merely a matter of one’s perspective. So, is it just my perspective? Or is anyone else weary of liberal journalists pretending they aren’t liberals who show favoritism toward other liberals?

And while we’re on the subject, is anyone else sick and tired of late-night comedians who assume that because they make us laugh, we agree with their left-wing politics? Of Bill Maher stacking his studio audience with those who applaud hurtful, bigoted, left-wing propaganda? Of seeing conservative politicians regularly maligned in ‘mainstream’ TV interviews, while liberal politicians are not subjected to such treatment?

Of rock stars lecturing us from their stages about political issues, as though we really care what self-absorbed, overpaid singers and guitarists have to say about politics? Of seeing our tax dollars fund National Public Radio’s relentless parade of left-wing orthodoxy? Of a popular culture dominated overwhelmingly by those who support bigger government, higher taxes and less liberty, and who exhibit little to no tolerance for opposing points of view?

Or of conservative politicians who refuse to challenge liberal journalists, comedians, movie stars, rock stars and radio hosts on what, from my perspective, are blatant liberal biases. Conservatives do risk upsetting those who are already out to destroy them. Given the circumstances, a risk worth taking.



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