Republicans Waste Precious Time


The Republicans running for president are wasting precious time.

One hopes these candidates would use their debates and pre-primary media exposure to distinguish themselves from the failed policies of President Obama and Hillary Clinton – whose missteps in the Middle East and regarding ObamaCare merely form the tip of a rather voluminous iceberg.

Unfortunately, Republicans expend far too much effort and precious time attacking each other. Donald Trump leads the pack in this regard. He gets good ratings, yes, but he is a drag on the Republican brand. His behavior, and what it encourages among others, feeds an unattractive liberal media (a.k.a. ‘mainstream media’) narrative of Republicans as bumbling chumps who cannot get their act together.

The current Republican field is actually quite strong and deep. However, they must pivot toward opposing their true opposition, in order to secure victory in 2016. The sooner the better.


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