Barack Obama and Ben Carson ‘Confront’ the Echo-Chamber


When questioned about his personal and political ties to unrepentant, domestic terrorists William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn (the Chicago couple that helped launch his political career), presidential candidate Barack Obama stated that at the time Ayers and Dorne hosted a political event for him in their living room, he was unaware of their well-known and unpalatable political affiliations. All the while, America’s liberal media echo-chamber (a.k.a. ‘mainstream media’) yawned and looked the other way.

When questioned about his ties to the convicted felon Tony Rezko, and the ‘sweetheart deal’ that Mr. Rezko engineered for Barack Obama and his wife Michelle to obtain their home in a Chicago suburb, Mr. Obama denied knowledge of any wrongdoing. Again, the liberal media yawned.

When questioned in 2008 about his ties to Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Barrack Obama stated that, in the twenty years he spent attending Wright’s church, he never was aware that his spiritual mentor was spewing hateful, anti-American, racist rhetoric (though such rhetoric had been central enough to Wright’s message that it appeared in the DVDs his church offered for sale to the public). Once again, the liberal media downplayed an obvious scandal, as they promoted Mr. Obama’s populist promises of ‘Hope and Change.’

When questioned about his ties to ACORN, an organization that purported to be non-partisan, but was in truth heavily, liberally partisan and was investigated by the FBI for massive voter fraud toward the benefit of Barack Obama’s presidential candidacy, Mr. Obama sought to downplay his substantial ties to the group. And the liberal media yawned, yet again.

When it was revealed that one of the central characters in Barack Obama’s memoir (which may not, in fact, have been written by Mr. Obama himself, but by a ghost writer) was not even a real person, but rather an amalgam of several individuals, so as to advance the book’s narrative (a narrative that is reported to be riddled with factual inconsistencies), the liberal media overlooked such concerns, as they promoted the book, to Mr. Obama’s political and financial benefit.

It would seem that Mr. Obama has, over the years, been considerably challenged when it comes to vetting his personal and political affiliations, as well as his personal narrative. And, while the liberal media have consistently deemed it unseemly to confront Mr. Obama on such matters; they are now clamoring quite loudly over whether or not Republican candidate Dr. Ben Carson was offered a scholarship to attend West Point, back in the 1960s, as though that should determine whether or not Dr. Carson is qualified to be President of the United States.

If the liberal media (a.k.a. ‘mainstream media’) want to be regarded as journalists, they must stop behaving as propagandists. And is that really too much to ask?


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