CNBC Debacle Shows Things Must Change


The debacle of last night’s CNBC ‘debate’ between Republican presidential candidates was profound, though not unexpected and not unprecedented. It is past time for the Republican National Committee to require a new primary debate format for their candidates.

This process we currently have, of putting presidential candidates up on a stage, under glaring lights and in front of the cameras, subjecting them to questions from supposedly disinterested media talking heads, who are really attempting to catch the candidates off-guard, trip them up and make theme look silly if possible. It’s just not very productive or informative.

Republicans can do better than this. Of course, Democrats don’t face this challenge since the liberal media (a.k.a. ‘mainstream media’) don’t paint imaginary targets on Democrat foreheads.

Why not try something more useful? Have candidate forums, perhaps, instead of debates. Candidates could be given a list of topics, and set amount of time to deliver their remarks. They could also be allowed time to rebut each other and have some interplay, which would provide spontaneity. There are many better options to explore.

This current approach has got to go. The sooner the better.


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