Today’s Little Announcement


Vice President Joe Biden announced today, from the Rose Garden at the White House, with President Barack Obama standing beside him, that he is not running for President of the United States.

His primary reason for not running, according to the Vice President, is that there simply isn’t enough time remaining in the current election cycle to properly mount a campaign; even though other candidates, in prior years, have announced their candidacies at this stage of the campaign and gone on to claim their party’s nomination.

Note the following. Mr. Biden did not endorse the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. He did not endorse any candidate, for that matter. He did say that he would contribute “forcefully” to this campaign’s ongoing dialogue, and that he would be advocating on behalf of Barack Obama’s political legacy. That means he may well, at times, contradict Mrs. Clinton.

The takeaway: Vice President Biden is keeping his options open. Whenever enough Democrats come to realize what a dreadful candidate they have in their current front-runner, Mr. Biden may well be open to accepting his party’s nomination, if they want to give it to him, their ace in the hole. In the meantime, he’ll attempt to drive the debate to Mr. Obama’s benefit.

Might it be that such a scenario is what the man standing in the Rose Garden, at Joe Biden’s side, had in mind all along?


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