The Democrats’ Maelstrom


We are just back from vacationing in Europe, where many believe Hillary Clinton remains a shoe-in for the US presidency and Barack Obama is seen wrestling mankind’s greatest challenge – climate change – and thereby shoring up his legacy … clueless.

On the street, back in America, it is clear that Mrs. Clinton, despite a façade of confidence, worries increasingly about not only the political but legal fallout from her string of phenomenally poor judgments regarding her State Department emails. She even deigned a half-hearted apology, in a recent interview, and purported to “take responsibility,” though for what exactly was left unclear.

Also phenomenal is the lack of criminal proceedings against Mrs. Clinton, members of her staff, and perhaps members of the Obama Administration over their email maelstrom. If such suspects were Republicans, there surely would be criminal indictments afoot. Our liberal media (a.k.a. ‘mainstream media’) would see to it. And the bovine media elites in Europe would be following America’s lead, as they so often do, adding their historically weak two Euros worth.


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