Have We Echoes of Thatcher?


When historians looks back on the current era, as they now do upon the nineteen-eighties, it may well be with a sense of respectful nostalgia for the first female president of the United States – a Republican.

Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s first and only female Prime Minister, shared the eighties world stage, and more than held her own, with the likes of Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev. She was no darling of the liberal media (a.k.a. ‘mainstream media’) establishment, who, in fact, loathed her as much as they did her political soul mate, Mr. Reagan. Only in retrospect have Ms. Thatcher’s considerable strengths and accomplishments become almost universally acknowledged.

As Carly Fiorina gains further momentum in her bid for the U.S. presidency, the liberal long knives will be brandished ever more vigorously. However, one of the qualities Ms. Fiorina shares with Ms. Thatcher is an ability to weather the establishment’s onslaught, to rise above it and remain steadfast, with dignity and grace. She is not one to be rattled, which will benefit her in the challenging months ahead.

As discussed previously on these pages, Carly Fiorina remains one to watch and to take seriously as a potential Republican nominee. If she does not secure the nomination, she’ll be the obvious choice as a vice-presidential running mate. It is too early to tell who will rise to the top of the Republican field in 2016, however, Fiorina is among those most likely to occupy a spot on the national ticket. Whoever occupies the other half of said ticket, when combined with a highly intelligent, principled, conservative woman, will be nigh impossible to beat.


The Clintons’ Oblivion


One need only observe Hillary Clinton’s inept campaign launch, re-launch, and second re-launch, along with the half-hearted, ham-handed manner in which her campaign has been conducted, to garner a sense that it all just doesn’t seem to add up. It is as though the candidate herself isn’t trying as hard as she might, as though her heart really isn’t in it. Even though Hillary wouldn’t mind being president, she does not want to run for president. That much is crystal.

She is, after all, a most unappealing candidate. Recent polling indicates that people don’t much like her and certainly don’t trust her. Yet, the massively powerful, entrenched interests of the liberal establishment continue to back her. Why is that … one may ask.

For decades the Clintons have aggrandized and enriched themselves, immensely. And they’ve done so premised on the notion that Hillary would one day follow in her husband’s footsteps to become ‘the most powerful man in the world.’ Holding themselves out in such a manner, they’ve doled out markers to extremely powerful individuals, corporations and state entities around the world. Those powerful interests are now intending to collect. What might be the reaction if the extremely high-priced markers the Clintons have been selling for so many years suddenly became worthless? Consider that and the Clintons’ choice becomes clear: run for the White House or face oblivion.

However, as the FBI investigation of Mrs. Clinton’s State Department emails moves inexorably toward her, oblivion may take a form that no special interest can predict or control.

The Democrats’ Maelstrom


We are just back from vacationing in Europe, where many believe Hillary Clinton remains a shoe-in for the US presidency and Barack Obama is seen wrestling mankind’s greatest challenge – climate change – and thereby shoring up his legacy … clueless.

On the street, back in America, it is clear that Mrs. Clinton, despite a façade of confidence, worries increasingly about not only the political but legal fallout from her string of phenomenally poor judgments regarding her State Department emails. She even deigned a half-hearted apology, in a recent interview, and purported to “take responsibility,” though for what exactly was left unclear.

Also phenomenal is the lack of criminal proceedings against Mrs. Clinton, members of her staff, and perhaps members of the Obama Administration over their email maelstrom. If such suspects were Republicans, there surely would be criminal indictments afoot. Our liberal media (a.k.a. ‘mainstream media’) would see to it. And the bovine media elites in Europe would be following America’s lead, as they so often do, adding their historically weak two Euros worth.