Batten Down the Hatches or Abandon Ship?


Among the bombshells that went off this week all about Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, most telling is the handing over of her private email server to the FBI.

Investigators are looking into the nature of communications that funneled through the private server Mrs. Clinton used during her tenure as President Obama’s Secretary of State. Up until this week, she had steadfastly refused to relinquish that server to proper authorities, instead providing printed copies of certain, pre-selected emails; already investigators have found highly classified material contained in at least two of them. There is simply no way this looks good for Mrs. Clinton, as it indicates, at best, monumentally bad judgment, and quite possibly criminal misconduct.

As the investigation continues, political fallout mounts. Increasingly, Democrats and their operatives in the liberal media (a.k.a. ‘mainstream media’) begin to sense the long-gestating insanity of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign, and her inherent weakness as a candidate. The big, as yet unanswered, question regards whether Democrats will batten down the hatches and try to weather the storm, or abandon ship and let Clinton’s candidacy sink. The answer is not an obvious one. Barack Obama occupies the White House, and it is his FBI now overseeing the Clinton email server. So, anything is possible.

Mr. Obama and the Democrats may tip their hand if they bring in their oft-utilized “ongoing investigation” ruse to explain a no-comment approach to Hillary’s email controversy, as the clock continues running into 2016. However, if the FBI moves forward aggressively, uncovering ever more troubling information about the contents and the handling of Mrs. Clinton’s emails, expect challenges to Hillary’s candidacy to become increasingly public and intense – we may even see Elizabeth Warren, who has said she would not run, cajoled to the front of the pack, whether Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden like it or not.

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