Clinton, Obama Need Each Other


The main thing standing between Hillary Clinton and a jail cell is Barack Obama.

If President Obama were to have a Special Prosecutor appointed – as well he should – to thoroughly investigate the scandals surrounding Mrs. Clinton’s State Department emails and the Clinton Foundation, that investigation would uncover more than monumentally bad judgment. It is a near certainty that criminal activity would be found as well.

The Democrat currently best positioned to protect Barack Obama’s political legacy is Hillary Clinton. If she were to become the 45th President of the United States, she would be not only inclined, but obligated – in exchange for Mr. Obama’s protection – to do all she could to continue the American decline that he has gotten so far under way.

These two Democrat power-mongers are not fond of each other. But for now, poised atop the liberal food chain, they need each other. Theirs is a decrepit alliance, born of a common lust for self-aggrandizement, a shared need for self-preservation, and a mutual disregard for the rule of law.


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