The Donald Meets The Megyn


Let’s face it, Donald Trump’s recent comment about Fox News anchor Megan Kelly, and where blood may or may not exit her body, was sexist, suggestive and inappropriate. His clear implication was that feminine biology was at work in prompting her aggressive interaction with him at the Republican presidential debate last Thursday.

However …

Let’s face it, Megan Kelly’s debate question to Donald Trump was snarky, snobbish and inappropriate. She was obviously tweaking him, putting him on the spot, hoping to get a rise out of the GOP front-runner. It worked. But her full-on assault, presented as a debate question, is what Republicans expect from NBC, ABC or CBS, not from Fox News.

One imagines that many in the Republican voter base are as disappointed with Ms. Kelly and Fox News as they are with Mr. Trump’s string of unfortunate comments. Someone should poll that and find out for sure.


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