In A Dark Land


Clouds grow ominous. The sky darkens. Soon the horizon may vanish for Hillary Clinton. Her political career will come to an end and she could be charged with multiple felonies. Even her supporters begin to suggest she exit the stage gracefully, or at least less clumsily, while she can do so on her own terms.

An FBI investigation moves forward, and a firestorm is on the verge of igniting, one that could devastate Democrats, who would in turn blame Mrs. Clinton for her monumentally, historically bad judgment and actions. The Obama Administration may no longer be looking for a way to protect Mrs. Clinton, but rather, for a way to protect the President. To shore up the firewall between him and a storm of scandal poised to consume anyone sucked into it.

What of the President to whom Secretary of State Clinton reported, and who stood by, perhaps knowingly, while she acted so as to compromise not only her political future, but America’s national security?


Batten Down the Hatches or Abandon Ship?


Among the bombshells that went off this week all about Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, most telling is the handing over of her private email server to the FBI.

Investigators are looking into the nature of communications that funneled through the private server Mrs. Clinton used during her tenure as President Obama’s Secretary of State. Up until this week, she had steadfastly refused to relinquish that server to proper authorities, instead providing printed copies of certain, pre-selected emails; already investigators have found highly classified material contained in at least two of them. There is simply no way this looks good for Mrs. Clinton, as it indicates, at best, monumentally bad judgment, and quite possibly criminal misconduct.

As the investigation continues, political fallout mounts. Increasingly, Democrats and their operatives in the liberal media (a.k.a. ‘mainstream media’) begin to sense the long-gestating insanity of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign, and her inherent weakness as a candidate. The big, as yet unanswered, question regards whether Democrats will batten down the hatches and try to weather the storm, or abandon ship and let Clinton’s candidacy sink. The answer is not an obvious one. Barack Obama occupies the White House, and it is his FBI now overseeing the Clinton email server. So, anything is possible.

Mr. Obama and the Democrats may tip their hand if they bring in their oft-utilized “ongoing investigation” ruse to explain a no-comment approach to Hillary’s email controversy, as the clock continues running into 2016. However, if the FBI moves forward aggressively, uncovering ever more troubling information about the contents and the handling of Mrs. Clinton’s emails, expect challenges to Hillary’s candidacy to become increasingly public and intense – we may even see Elizabeth Warren, who has said she would not run, cajoled to the front of the pack, whether Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden like it or not.

Clinton, Obama Need Each Other


The main thing standing between Hillary Clinton and a jail cell is Barack Obama.

If President Obama were to have a Special Prosecutor appointed – as well he should – to thoroughly investigate the scandals surrounding Mrs. Clinton’s State Department emails and the Clinton Foundation, that investigation would uncover more than monumentally bad judgment. It is a near certainty that criminal activity would be found as well.

The Democrat currently best positioned to protect Barack Obama’s political legacy is Hillary Clinton. If she were to become the 45th President of the United States, she would be not only inclined, but obligated – in exchange for Mr. Obama’s protection – to do all she could to continue the American decline that he has gotten so far under way.

These two Democrat power-mongers are not fond of each other. But for now, poised atop the liberal food chain, they need each other. Theirs is a decrepit alliance, born of a common lust for self-aggrandizement, a shared need for self-preservation, and a mutual disregard for the rule of law.

The Donald Meets The Megyn


Let’s face it, Donald Trump’s recent comment about Fox News anchor Megan Kelly, and where blood may or may not exit her body, was sexist, suggestive and inappropriate. His clear implication was that feminine biology was at work in prompting her aggressive interaction with him at the Republican presidential debate last Thursday.

However …

Let’s face it, Megan Kelly’s debate question to Donald Trump was snarky, snobbish and inappropriate. She was obviously tweaking him, putting him on the spot, hoping to get a rise out of the GOP front-runner. It worked. But her full-on assault, presented as a debate question, is what Republicans expect from NBC, ABC or CBS, not from Fox News.

One imagines that many in the Republican voter base are as disappointed with Ms. Kelly and Fox News as they are with Mr. Trump’s string of unfortunate comments. Someone should poll that and find out for sure.

One To Watch


Carly Fiorina is clearly one to watch. She made others look lost or uncertain by comparison in tonight’s second tier Republican debate. She even made the first tier debate seem lacking by her absence from it. That will change soon.

She points bluntly to corruption in a Democrat Party with Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton as its standard-bearers. She speaks to the passions of a disaffected, conservative Republican base. And she has struck a chord.

Obama’s Legacy Becomes Clear


Earlier this week President Obama gave a speech describing his so-called Clean Power Plan, which would, for the first time, mandate severe, nation-wide reductions in U.S. greenhouse gases. He called it “the single most important step America has ever taken in the fight against global climate change.”

But America has not taken this step. Mr. Obama has. His Clean Power Plan is a new set of regulatory directives from the Environmental Protection Agency, deliberately intended to cripple and eventually destroy America’s coal industry, and to severely weaken any other type of energy not derived from renewable sources. It is a massive, administrative overreach, likely to be ruled illegal in federal court. For now, however, the President has another notch in his belt of left-wing partisanship.

During his six-plus years as president, when has Mr. Obama made more than a cursory effort to garner support for his agenda – other than from those who already agree with him out of political obligation or ideological reflex?

This latest EPA overreach is reminiscent of the nuclear agreement the Obama Administration recently reached with Iran, an arrangement negotiated by Mr. Obama’s team with no attempt to garner the congressional support needed for it to pass as a treaty. This is also akin to the President’s approach on ObamaCare, which passed cloak-and-dagger style, by the slimmest of hyper-partisan margins, in a Congress controlled overwhelmingly by Democrats.

Mr. Obama’s accomplishments are consistently controversial and divisive because he doesn’t seek consensus, only victory. And that is why his legacy will be one of procedure over substance, and not only controversial, but weak, like a house of cards upon a foundation of sand. Much of what he has done, in the face of popular opposition, by way of executive order or administrative fiat, may be swept away by the nation’s next Chief Executive.

Disinclined toward constitutional protocol, toward negotiating with his political opposition, Mr. Obama has ushered in an era where the President of the United States inclines toward celebrity, toward looking good in a suit and reading well from a teleprompter, toward lying with impunity while impugning those who disagree, and ultimately doing whatever he or she can get away with, regardless of the consequences.

It’s no wonder Donald Trump resonates among Republicans. He’s the candidate seen most likely to stick it right back in Obama’s face.