Clinton as Icon of Predation

Hillary Clinton, the current frontrunner for the Democrat Party’s 2016 presidential nomination, is hailed in liberal media (a.k.a. ‘mainstream media’) circles as a role model for women everywhere, as a feminist icon; which is an odd aspect of an otherwise insane candidacy. On this point, the case against her is easy to make.

Mrs. Clinton’s husband comes to mind. As President of the United States, Bill Clinton was impeached, and later disbarred, for obstructing a federal investigation, for lying to a federal grand jury and for conspiring with others to do the same. He made fools of his own cabinet members when he had them publicly vouch for his veracity in the matter of Monica Lewinsky, the young White House intern upon whom President Clinton enacted a sexual predation that surely would have prompted the resignation or removal of a U.S. Senator or a General in the U.S. military. Mr. Clinton also lied to the American people when he stood before news cameras, pounded his fist on a podium and denied having had sexual relations with Ms. Lewinsky. Indeed, it is well documented that while Governor of Arkansas and President of the United States, Bill Clinton was a serial predator of women, and quite possibly a rapist.

Mr. Clinton’s consistent defender, and therefore greatest enabler, in his various sordid affairs was none other than his wife, Hillary. Aside from whatever else may have motivated her, insuring that her husband survived his presidency was an immense boon to Mrs. Clinton’s own political ambitions. She parlayed her White House stint into a successful U.S. Senate campaign, and the rest is recent history.

The Clintons’ morally and ethically challenged shenanigans continue and are hurting Mrs. Clinton’s poll numbers, as noted previously on these pages. A visceral opportunist, she will use any means available to advance her own candidacy. However, promoting herself as a role model for women everywhere, as a feminist icon, is worse than absurd. It is obscene.


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