A Nuclear Iran: A False Man’s False Choice


President Obama and his minions have busied themselves these past several days selling their nuclear deal with Iran, encouraging its public approval in the U.S. and abroad. They have made little effort to find support in the U.S. Congress, ironically the one place they ought to have first taken their bone-headed agreement – not a treaty, mind you, as that would require approval by two-thirds of the U.S. Senate, something clearly not in the offing.

In a manner consistent with other of his purported accomplishments (such as ObamaCare and administrative overhauls of internet regulations and of U.S. immigration policy), Mr. Obama’s just completed executive agreement with Iran reeks of arrogance and partisanship and is, despite its significance, a contrivance. Thus, we see Mr. Obama and his supporters employ a false argument and a false choice to defend it.

Their choice: either we accept the administration’s nuclear deal with Iran or we go to war – our only viable options, according to Mr. Obama and his supporters. It reminds one of the argument that Mr. Obama’s economic policies, such as they are, saved America from a second Great Depression. The panache of such rhetoric is that it ultimately cannot be proved, and so ostensibly cannot be disproved. This is also the argument’s limitation. Undeniably, other options do exist.

Short of war, and aside from the one-sided terms that Mr. Obama’s team negotiated, there were separate diplomatic options and potential solutions (among them the economic sanctions that were so onerous on Iran’s economy as to bring them initially to the bargaining table, before Mr. Obama offered to remove said sanctions, on his way to giving away the store). Mr. Obama chose his own course, and this agreement, which he has negotiated so poorly, all but guarantees a nuclear Iran and a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. By the time these things come to pass, as they sadly and mostly likely will, Mr. Obama will have sought another audaciously false argument, to place blame with someone other than himself.

For now, simply consider how many millions of Americans have lost access to their doctors and health insurance plans because of ObamaCare, despite President Obama’s unequivocal promise that such would not occur. Can we trust the same man’s assurances that the world is now a safer place because Iran will not obtain nuclear weapons – period?


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