Trump The Next Perot


Key to Bill Clinton’s two presidential victories was the presence in both elections of the somewhat kooky, certainly unconventional, billionaire business man, Ross Perot, as a third-party candidate. Mr. Perot drew crucial percentages from the support of Mr. Clinton’s Republican rivals, President George H.W. Bush in 1992 and Senator Robert Dole in 1996. And though Mr. Clinton failed to receive a majority of the popular vote in either of those elections, he did manage to secure his entrée to the White House, and thus managed to launch the political career of his wife, Hillary.

Mrs. Clinton may now be hoping to re-tap the formula that yielded electoral success for her husband in the nineties, and her version of Ross Perot appears to be the somewhat kooky, certainly unconventional, billionaire business man, Donald Trump. In the early days of his own presidential candidacy, Mr. Trump has drawn the spotlight, and apparent ire, of the liberal media (a.k.a. mainstream media), due largely to his controversial remarks on immigration.

If Mrs. Clinton secures the Democrat party’s nomination (which, though insane, seems likely), and if Mr. Trump fails to secure the Republican nomination (a near certainty), one can expect Mr. Trump to at least toy with the idea of launching a third-party candidacy. And it won’t matter what else he talks about – illegal immigration, real estate prices in Manhattan, weather patterns over Antarctica – one can expect the liberal media to enthusiastically embrace Mr. Trump, much as they did Mr. Perot in the nineties. They’ll make use of him, as best they can, to draw attention and support from the Republican candidate, in the hope of giving another Clinton another entrée to the White House.


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