Democrats Begin To Worry


Hillary Clinton, along with her husband Bill and despite Barack Obama’s presidency, has lorded over much of the Democrats’ political machinery since the early nineteen-nineties. More recently, Hillary has been the inevitable 2016 Democrat nominee for the presidency, since well before she actually announced that she was once again running.

What few Democrats are willing to acknowledge is that her purported inevitability has already hurt their party. Having positioned themselves with no other viable option for a national candidate, they are only as strong or as weak as Hillary herself. And when her vulnerabilities manifest themselves – recent polling shows her weakening support – Democrats get nervous.

They are so concerned, in fact, that their political operatives at the New York Times run weak-minded hit pieces about Florida Senator Marco Rubio, a serious contender for the Republican nomination. Rubio is a self-made American success story, a Hispanic, the son of working class Cuban immigrants. Liberal translation … a threat.

Any Republican candidate who looks to captivate large numbers of voters, especially one such as Sen. Rubio, who so radically contradicts the liberal narrative of minorities beholden to the Democrat party, is a target for the liberal media establishment (a.k.a. the ‘mainstream media’). Democrats know the drill. Attack. Smear. Bring your opponent down. Especially when your own candidate is beyond lifting up. And candidate Hillary, mired in corruption and hypocrisy, has all the buoyancy of a beached elephant seal.

This will get ugly.


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