What Does Mob Rule Look Like?

America is in a precarious epoch, as the once hallowed Rule of Law, by which all citizens held equal rights and privileges under our justice system, is ever more a quaint, naïve relic. We now see ‘mob rule’ increasingly drive events and determine outcomes.

Rioters in the streets of Baltimore, for example, pressured state attorneys to leapfrog the grand jury process and prematurely file criminal charges against six police officers in the death of Freddie Gray. While announcing the charges, State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby proclaimed, “To the people of Baltimore and the demonstrators across America: I heard your call for ‘No justice, no peace.’” In doing so, she compromised the judicial process under threat of social unrest, and allowed mob rule to have the day.

What happens in Baltimore does not occur in a vacuum, but rather, as Ms. Mosby indicated, is related to events occurring across the country. Rolling, politicized media accounts encourage a cumulative awareness and intensified impact for tragic yet otherwise unrelated confrontations between police officers and black men. The grievance industry and its cadre of professional protestors and assorted anarchists manipulate legitimate public concern into virulent, riotous outrage. The resulting televised images of violence and destruction are now familiar and, sadly, to be expected.

Then the Obama Administration steps in, conducts a pro forma investigation, and declares the law enforcement practices of the city in question (Baltimore, Ferguson, et cetera) need reforming. New layers of federal oversight are proposed, guidelines for local law enforcement, to be mandated by bureaucrats in Washington. It is as though the Obama Administration has made itself a participant in this mob rule we find increasingly prevalent in America.


One thought on “What Does Mob Rule Look Like?

  1. Sadly Justice has been compromised by Ms Mosby’s actions. However, her political calculus is fatally flawed and she will eventually pay the rice of her foolish political decisions. Her overreaching charges are already being challenged. The charges against the Baltimore 6 are already unraveling and falling apart.
    Perhaps this is what she and her liberal cohorts want: more rioting and unrest after these charges are dismissed or the officers found not guilty a la Rodney King Verdict rioting in LA. Time will tell. As with Occupy Wall Street, this is much ado about nothing, UNLESS encouraged by the liberals in power. Who will bring charges against the liberals running Baltimore and all of Maryland for their gross negligence and failure?


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