Hillary Where Are You!

By David Lewis                                                                             

How does a presidential candidate connect with the electorate and completely avoid the press corps at the same time? Hillary Clinton thinks she has the answer. While most candidates need the press to help get their message out and develop name recognition, for Hillary it’s different. After decades in the public eye — First Lady, U.S. Senator, Secretary of State — she is beyond name recognition and into name saturation. In order to ‘connect’ she dons sunglasses and trolls around in a large black van, looking more like a secret service agent than a presidential candidate. This promises to be an odd affair indeed.

As far as the Democrat Party is concerned, what Hillary wants, she gets. And Hillary wants no competition for her party’s nomination. But when you’re the only fish in the bowl, all eyes are upon you. And there are many unanswered questions regarding Hillary’s State Department emails, fundraising for her family foundation, the Benghazi scandal, her failed tenure as Secretary of State and, despite her numerous titles, an overall lack of accomplishment. These questions stack up and swirl about because Hillary refuses to address them. Instead, she runs a stealth campaign, darting past the assembled press corps, refusing to take questions. This week she “has been spotted,” so say the media hounds, shuttling across the heartland in her large, black, tint-windowed Scooby Van … seriously.

Yes, that is a reference to the 1970s Saturday morning cartoon series Scooby Doo Where Are You! Shall we talk for a moment of being mired in the past? It is noted that the animated teenagers in the Scooby Doo cartoons drove around, somewhat aimlessly, in a large van they called the Mystery Machine, having unsolved mysteries (what else?) land all too conveniently in their laps. There is, of course, a theme in play here. For Hillary’s campaign seems indelibly mired in the past; and it is a mystery as to how she’ll connect with the America people via this off-putting, stealth operation that she calls a ‘campaign,’ waiting for the presidency to fall in her lap.

All too bizarre, and it’s only day three.


One thought on “Hillary Where Are You!

  1. Perhaps I am far too cynical, but let’s face it, the same electorate that put his all holiness Barack Hussein Obama in the White House for 2 terms is just too stupid, too deceived, too lazy to really care anymore and will elect her.

    Look at how foolsih the Republicans in Congress are about just about any topic. Tale the Iran “deal”. It is by its very essence a treaty that the Constitution says must be approved by he Senate. And yet, the Republicans are saying they will pass a bill to give them the authority they already possess? A bill sure to be vetoed (and then that veto not over ridden) all to give them the political cover they desire so they too can allow Iran to get the bomb? WHY? Answer this and you see that it won’t matter that Hillary will be the second most unqualified Democrat to be president ever.


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