Savaging Cruz, As Expected


When you hear the name “Sarah Palin” what is your reaction? I would wager that even among her supporters, the reaction tends toward defensiveness, as though Ms. Palin must be excused, explained or rationalized; all due to the liberal media (a.k.a. mainstream media) carpet-bombing of negativity that she endured, once she appeared in 2008 as a political threat to the liberal establishment and specifically to Barack Obama.

In something reminiscent, we today see the liberal media, as if on cue, attacking Republican Senator, and newly announced presidential candidate, Ted Cruz with all barrels blazing. He is such a threat to liberalism’s status quo that the left uses the flimsiest pretense to accuse him of hypocrisy, obstinacy, and whatever else they can conjure; intending to indelibly brand Sen. Cruz as distinctly unappealing.

Today’s specific charge concerns Sen. Cruz’s purchase of health insurance for himself and his family. Because he is an ardent opponent of ObamaCare and advocates a massive overhaul of the statute, his buying health insurance through a government-run healthcare exchange purportedly makes Sen. Cruz a hypocrite. This despite the fact that the ObamaCare statute requires him, along with millions of other Americans, to purchase health insurance for himself and his family or else pay a fine; and despite the fact that a government healthcare exchange is, due to ObamaCare itself, one of the very few purchasing options still available.

By the left’s perversion of logic, Sen. Cruz might also be called a hypocrite for paying his income taxes. After all, he does advocate a massive overhaul of the U.S. tax code, and he wants to abolish the IRS. If, in the interim, he continues to pay his taxes, as the law requires, does that not make him a hypocrite as well?

If there weren’t this flap about Sen. Cruz and his family’s health insurance, there would be, and surely will be, something else. Ultimately, when Americans hear the name “Ted Cruz” the liberal establishment wants our collective reaction to be – viscerally – a negative one. They succeeded in doing that to Sarah Palin. Past success emboldens them to keep trying.


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