Liberals Fear the Will of the People

For several years now, this columnist has suggested a primary distinction between conservatives and liberals is that the former are more process oriented while the latter focus more on results. This notion is echoed in a piece by David Catron in today’s online American Spectator, contending establishment liberalism’s greatest fear as regards ObamaCare is that the “will of the people” be allowed to determine its fate.

Liberals fear the process by which a Republican-controlled Congress may legislate, perhaps with gumption enough to overhaul the current ObamaCare regime. It doesn’t matter to such liberals that, four months ago, voters awarded Republicans new and newly enhanced legislative majorities in the U.S. Congress, in large part because of an overriding dissatisfaction with ObamaCare. Nor do such liberals care that Congress has the constitutional duty to propose and pass legislation of this very nature. This is all too much process.

Democrats prefer the President continue to prescribe extra-constitutional, piecemeal fixes via executive fiat, to keep ObamaCare from collapsing under its own weight. This would preserve the ObamaCare regime, and America’s relentless march toward authoritarian government control would continue. Such is their desired result.

By comparison, the will of the people and the U.S. Constitutional are seen as trifles.


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