Humpty Dumpty Democrats

Democrats were decimated in the recent midterms, and President Obama responds as though, despite what you may have seen in the news, it didn’t really happen. Denying their undeniable connections to Jonathan Gruber, and to the stale lies that barely hoisted ObamaCare over the legislative finish line, Mr. Obama and his media allies bat not an eye, as they move toward their next miscalculation. On deck is the president’s new immigration policy. The details of what he proposes this week will be overshadowed by his unconstitutional hubris in defying, via executive order, the very immigration laws he has sworn to faithfully execute … So help me, God … as he put it when taking his oath of office.

Mr. Obama is about to poison his relationship with the new Republican congress before it is even sworn in. That’s how gracious the man is. Beyond that, he will poison his relationship with voters, and not just the voters who gave him the back of their hand two weeks ago. He risks alienating many of those who’ve consistently given him their support (approval of his immigration overreach recently polled at only 38%). Such voters are, for Mr. Obama, a spent resource. They cannot vote for him again, and so with a mere stroke of the executive pen, it’s as though they never existed.

Showing consistent, unabashed disregard for America’s voters and for America’s constitution, Mr. Obama is poised to shove his party’s coalition of ethnic minorities and white working and middle class voters off the wall on which that coalition has balanced for so long – it’s going to land hard, crack at the seams and eventually come apart. Mr. Obama won’t be a candidate again, but others from his party will. Can they hope to put their king’s broken pieces together again?


One thought on “Humpty Dumpty Democrats

  1. With Mr Obama’s own words on how this action was “beyond my authority” and “illegal”, Congress ‘should’ unquestionably impeach him. Except for one major problem, there wont be 13 honest Democrat senators (out of the 46 come January) that anyone can count on to put country and constitution above party loyalty to vote to convict him.
    So for the thinking voter, the duplicity and dishonesty of the Democrat party is being writ larger than ever. Sadly for the ‘true’ socialist Democrat believer, this does not matter. For independents and a large number of Democrats, the wake up call is loud and clear. The Democrat party has abandoned honesty and truth in pursuit of raw power.
    Will Republicans cynically bluster and posture but do nothing? Or will they clearly come out and stand for principles that ALL American can get behind? Will Republicans win the electorate over with strong moral principle and common sense (will they even try?) or will they continue to play small ball?


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