President Obama’s Troubling Calculation

President Obama doesn’t appear to believe he actually lost in the election two weeks ago.

His name may not have been on the ballot, but as Mr. Obama himself proclaimed in the run-up to election day, his policies were. This election was a referendum on those policies and on his style of governing. And Republicans won big, huge in fact, in races large and small, all across the country.

Mr. Obama, however, sees his power as something apart from what the electorate may say with their votes. Those voters who gave Democrats such a drubbing two weeks ago are not as significant to our president as those who chose not to vote at all this time around. And for Mr. Obama, politics comes down to messaging, to propaganda, in which he places great faith and value. For him politics is a zero sum game, fueled less by the exercise of democracy and the wisdom of compromise than by the exercise of raw power and the pursuit of naked ambition.

That’s why, within days of Democrats’ historic election losses, Mr. Obama prepares to bypass Congress and create new immigration law by executive fiat – an audacious, unconstitutional over-reach the likes of which no modern president has had the gumption to consider, much less attempt. So long as Republicans lack the strategy or gumption to temper him, and his backers in the liberal media can adequately misdirect the clueless and uninformed who constitute his dwindling base of support, Mr. Obama will move forward with his gambit, figuring he has not only survived, but won the day.

Such a sad and troubling calculation for a President of the United States to make. With the presidency of Barack Obama, such has come to be expected.


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