What Is To Be Learned … Or Not … From 2014 Midterms

I watched the election returns last night, at a dining establishment in Santa Monica, California, and I sensed early on it was a good night to be Republican. At one point, a man sat down next to me at the restaurant’s bar, and before ordering anything, he glanced up to see Fox News’ coverage of Election Day 2014’s life-affirming results. The man seemed a bit taken aback, and said to the bartender, “Oh, is this election day?” To which the bartender, somewhat dumbfounded himself, replied, “I think it’s the state elections.”

Earlier today, President Obama held his first post-election press conference. When asked to characterize yesterday’s results, the President conceded merely that, “The Republicans had a good night.” Indeed, Republicans had more than that. It was a resounding Republican triumph, and as deep and convincing a defeat for Democrats as the “shellacking” (the president’s word choice) they suffered in 2010. Mr. Obama attributed those 2010 losses to a poor job of “messaging” by himself and his party. However, in this sixth year of the Obama presidency, voters left little guesswork in their wake, as they thoroughly repudiated Mr. Obama and his party’s now well-established, statist vision of America.

In the process, Republicans took control of the U.S. Senate, gaining 7 seats for a majority of 52 seats, and likely more once the dust settles in Alaska, Louisiana and Virginia. Republicans also added at least another 12 seats to their majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, while they further expanded their share of Governorships among states in all regions of the country. This doesn’t even scratch the surface of down-ballot victories in state legislatures and local races.

At first blush, Mr. Obama’s concession that Republicans merely had “a good night” might seem politically tone-deaf. Considering, however, that the president’s target audience consists of voters who are themselves politically tone-deaf and relatively uninformed, like my two friends at the bar last night, Mr. Obama’s comment begins to make a degree of sense.

One imagines the president will allow himself to learn little from his party’s defeat yesterday, that he will continue his appeals to the clueless and uninformed, and that he will remain dismissive and obstinate toward those who don’t give him his way. And so, one anticipates the remainder of Mr. Obama’s presidency will be a rancorous, divisive and perhaps dispiriting affair. As President George W. Bush once famously said … “Bring it on.”

One thought on “What Is To Be Learned … Or Not … From 2014 Midterms

  1. Sadly the Republicans in congress are chock full of RINO and Dem-lite members. This party will do nothing but disappoint the American electorate. Look for the free wheeling spending to continue.


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