It’s 3:00 AM In America

It feels as though the dark of night is upon us. And people are waking up frightened, worried, about national security and economic security, about how to provide for their families and for the future, as our nation sinks deeper into debt, and lower in the eyes of an ever more dangerous world. We’re waking up to realize that President Obama and his Democrat enablers in Congress are taking America in the wrong direction.

Enter a household in an American neighborhood and, near the pre-school artwork hanging on a refrigerator door, you’re likely to find a mounting stack of unpaid bills on the counter top, alongside a cancellation notice for the family’s health insurance. Turn on a TV or computer screen and you’re likely to see frightening images … an angry mob rampaging in the Middle East … racial protests in Ferguson, Missouri … people in plastic suits carrying dead Ebola victims … Canada’s Parliament in lockdown following a domestic terror attack … ISIS forces on their murderous rampage through Iraq, a nation that was safe under America’s watch when Barack Obama became president … Russian tanks advancing in Eastern Europe … a jihadist with a knife beheading an American citizen … the American compound in Benghazi and the American flag in flames …

It was none other than Hillary Clinton — ironically one of Mr. Obama’s most significant enablers — who warned that such a moment might come, when our nation would face an existential threat, as an unqualified, untested President Obama would wither under the challenge. It now feels as though we are very near that time of existential threat, if not already in it. And it becomes clear that our president has never been the man Democrats held him out to be, that he has instead been the boldest of charlatans, brandishing a wisdom and competence not truly of his repertoire, but merely set pieces in a farcical tragedy played out on the world stage.

The world, however, is full of serious players who understand and appreciate the machinations of Realpolitik. Many such persons are dedicated to America’s demise, and that of western democracy. What we need are leaders in Washington who can recognize the world’s economic and political realities for what they are, and muster a wherewithal to meet and deal with them accordingly.

One of the beauties of America is that ‘We the People’ have the power to send our leaders a message, to sense a horizon beyond the day’s darkest hour, to choose a new direction, toward a new dawn, and leave this dark of night behind us.


3 thoughts on “It’s 3:00 AM In America

  1. Hillary as President? That is the second scariest thing I can imagine this Halloween….the scariest is the next two years of Obama’s destructive presidency as he and the Dems and the complicit media continue to weaken and hurt the USA.


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