Media Bias? … Really?

As if we need reminding, there is an item on the Internet this week noting what this column anticipated some time ago. In this sixth year of Barack Obama’s scandalous and disaster-ridden presidency, as Republicans stand poised to make considerable gains in November’s off-year elections, one would think there are the makings of a pretty big story. The major broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC), however, have shown somewhere between little and no interest in covering said story, as revealed here by the Media Research Center.

Also revealed is the fact that those same broadcast networks gave ample coverage to the elections pending in 2006, which happened to be the sixth year of George W. Bush’s presidency, when it was the Democrats who stood to gain ground. This readily observable double standard is not the province of unbiased news media. It is not negligible, nor is it excusable. It is merely par for the course.


One thought on “Media Bias? … Really?

  1. Maybe we will get lucky and we can get the American Indian woman Senator from Mass to be our next president. Shhh, doesn’t matter that she isn’t qualified either nor an Indian, as long as she is a radical liberal, THAT is all the matters. “Death to America” is not just a Hamas/Hezbollah slogan but a guiding principle of the Democrat Party.


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