ObamaCare Remains a Predicament for Democrats

As election day 2014 approaches; as our economy continues to sputter, with full-time employment lagging and wages struggling to keep pace with inflation; as America’s standing in the world continues to decline and our multi-trillion dollar (that’s trillion with a ‘T’) national debt increases with regularity; as administration scandals abound and President Obama pursues partisan political advantage over the transparent governance he once promised would be the hallmark of his presidency; as the president’s credibility dwindles to dust … Democrats and the rest of the liberal establishment will heighten their attempts to distract America’s electorate.

There simply is no denying that the positive, meaningful change Mr. Obama and the Democrats promised back in 2008, and have dangled like a carrot ever since, has not come to pass. Under this president, it never will. At the heart of this reality is not only the president’s unsavory predilection toward political thuggery and deceit, but also the economic and political lynchpin for which he and his party put their credibility on the line: ObamaCare.

Where convenient they cleverly obfuscated, and where necessary they brazenly lied in order to get ObamaCare passed, barely, through a Democrat-controlled congress. And Democrats will do whatever they deem necessary to see their law become more fully implemented. Even now, the Obama administration hides ObamaCare’s negative consequences in an attempt to limit its impact on the upcoming elections.

The reason for the scheming and fabrications is that, much in the vein of its namesake politician, ObamaCare has never been what Democrats held it out to be. As we’ve already seen, and will continue to see, ObamaCare will not make health care more affordable, more convenient or more readily available for the vast majority of Americans. What it will do is place America’s health care system squarely under the authority and control of a dysfunctional federal bureaucracy, which will in turn leave nearly all Americans more dependent upon and subservient to their government.

For now at least, that is something most Americans do not want, and that forms the crux of the Democrats’ predicament. They’ve tied themselves to a legislative scheme that will, in all likelihood, grow increasingly unpopular as Americans grow more familiar with its ill effects. It must be noted, however, that if Democrats do manage to obfuscate those ill effects long enough, then ObamaCare’s bureaucratic regime could become so thoroughly entrenched in the sociopolitical fabric – so addictive, in fact – that it cannot be undone, no matter how harmful it may eventually become.

Just how harmful is that?

                                                                                             There is more …


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