Chatting About Democrats … and Strategies

There I was, starting off the year 2014 on what seemed like a good note, enjoying a latte at my favorite java joint and reading a good book by Amity Shlaes. However (I’ve found there’s always a ‘however’ qualifying the start of a new year), I sat next to my reliably hardcore liberal pal, Vilmar. Hadn’t seen him in months, but there he was, again reading from the New York Times, and I was thinking to myself, “This guy really needs to get a clue,” when he suddenly leaned over and whispered, “Just wait.” So, I took the bait.


“November. It’s gonna be a slaughter.”

“You talking about the elections?”

“Oh, yeah! Your guys are goin’ down!”

“You must know something I don’t know.”

“We have a theme. 2014’s all about … Inequality.”

“Inequality, eh? … Now that’s about as clear-cut as ‘Hope and Change,’ don’t you think?”

“You forget, we won with that.”

“That’s right, you did, how silly of me. But seriously, when people didn’t know what ‘Hope and Change’ meant, they just gave Obama a pass on that, because he was so cool. If they’d known he was hoping to destroy our health care system and wanted to change America into a socialist state, I doubt he’d have done so well with that theme. Just saying.”

“You want context? Fine. Income inequality.”

“Ahh, yes, well, that’s another sticky wicket. Since income inequality has actually increased since Obama became president. You knew that, right?” … silence … so I continued … “These Democrat geniuses run their polls and conduct their focus groups and then decide to build their campaign around a problem that’s actually gotten worse since their guy became president? Wow. That’s just brilliant.”

He went back to his left-wing rag of a newspaper, I to my book, and I’ve not seen old Vilmar since that day. Nor have I heard a great deal lately about ‘income inequality’ — what seems important in January can often recede into relative insignificance come November.

Grim realities of a dangerous world . . . not focus groups . . . have that effect.


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