America’s Credibility Deficit Disorder

By David Lewis

When all is politicized, all credibility is lost. That’s America’s dilemma at this stage in Barack Obama’s presidency. And it’s self-inflicted.

For too long, the Obama administration has been allowed to systematically politicize the events and entities within the President’s orbit, in order to shape and control a political narrative. Liberals have long valued exercising such control, and Mr. Obama is, if anything, a product of modern American liberalism.

From a divisively activist Justice Department with Attorney General Eric Holder at its helm, to an EPA with a left-wing agenda, to an IRS that unapologetically targets and thereby censors the President’s political opponents, to a deliberate compromising of America’s southern border and the further usurpation of its national security for reasons of political expediency – and this list is shy of exhaustive – one cannot get clarity or consistency from the Obama administration and its vast, government apparatus. Instead it’s polemics and propaganda.

For Americans and anyone else who values a steadfast America, this state of affairs has become unnerving. With the rise of the terrorist group known as ISIS, for example, a time has come for straight talk about a credible, terrorist threat, about how it was allowed to develop and how best to confront it. Yet, Americans find themselves in a dangerous and stupefying quandary, since they don’t  know, even in matters of national security, whether they can trust their president and their government to do the utmost in protecting them and, convenient or not, to be truthful about it.

Sadly enough, it’s a strong likelihood they can’t.



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