ObamaCare’s New Demo

By David Lewis

Something is happening that Democrats didn’t anticipate when they passed their healthcare law in 2010. It appears that, adjacent the pool of beneficiaries receiving ObamaCare subsidies, there is a larger demographic of those who have been and will continue to be harmed by the law – not allowed to keep their doctors, losing their health insurance plans, watching helplessly as premiums and deductibles skyrocket, losing their jobs or having work hours cut back by nervous employers.

Having been manipulated by Democrats in order to advance a socialist agenda is bad enough, but this growing segment of voters can also sense, directly and palpably, how they’re getting royally screwed over by the President and his party. Democrats might have considered this before passing ObamaCare in their overbearing and deceitful manner, without the political cover of a single Republican vote. But they did not. And that’s why being tied to ObamaCare still holds them in hot water.



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