The Necessity of Crisis

By David Lewis

It wasn’t until recent beheadings of American journalists appeared on the Internet that a majority of Americans took notice of advancing ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria, and began to realize that radical Islamists, in the vein of Al Qaeda, weren’t nearly so “on the run” as President Obama had assured us.

And many Americans had to lose their doctors, lose their health insurance plans, start paying significantly higher premiums, and/or witness an utterly dysfunctional federal health care bureaucracy before realizing that President Obama had been misleading us all along about ObamaCare.

There may well be other outrages that occur at the hands of radical Islamist terrorists, just as there will certainly be further outrages to emerge from ObamaCare’s many ill-considered provisions. Which begs a question. Why must immediate crises so often occur before we Americans pay attention? After all, even a dog can feel pain, and then react. As human beings we’re capable of so much more.

The common element in the above illustrations is the President, his party and the rest of the liberal establishment selling a false narrative to the nation in order to advance their political ambitions. They succeeded in getting Mr. Obama re-elected — too late to prevent that crisis. It’s not too late, however, to hold Mr. Obama and Democrats accountable, come November.


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