Two Months … And Counting

Election day is two months from today. Do most Americans know that? Or care?

They certainly cared when, in 2006, George W. Bush’s presidency was on the rocks and Democrats were poised to seize control of the US Congress. The liberal media (a.k.a. mainstream media) hyped the elections and counted down the days, in heated anticipation of a pending electoral bloodbath for Republicans.

Now that President Obama’s policies are in trouble (“freefall” has actually been suggested), and a Democrat majority in the US Senate is threatened, the liberal media seem far less interested in ginning up the electorate. Will this spare Mr. Obama and the Democrats from a well-earned drubbing come November 4th? Probably not. But it does cause one to wonder just what it takes for Americans to pay attention, and how well that attention span can be maintained.

                                                                                                         There is more …


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