The ‘Indecider’

Current, seemingly chaotic events in the world’s political hot spots – among them, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine – are really not so chaotic as one might think. We’re witnessing a direct and fairly predictable consequence of indecision and inaction, specifically by the United States, more specifically by President Obama.

The ongoing threat, for example, from the militarized terrorist group ISIS (whose recent advances in Iraq have wrought barbarous consequences) was not only foreseeable, but well known to the Obama Administration many months ago. The president’s indecision and inaction left a power vacuum in Iraq that ISIS terrorists hastened to fill.

President Bush may not have been so derelict, after all, in ordering US forces to invade Afghanistan and later Iraq. Mr. Bush clumsily referred to himself as the “Decider.” But at least he made hard decisions and then acted. Mr. Obama, by contrast, has assumed the role of ‘Indecider.’

Habitual indecision and resulting decision by default (note the US military now increasingly engaged in Iraq against ISIS targets) produce an American foreign policy mired in uncertainty. That disquiets our allies, emboldens our enemies, and leaves the world seeming ever more inclined toward chaos.


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