‘No Victory’ Obama

President Bush handed his successor military victory in Iraq, on a silver platter. President Obama proceeded, as if by design, to squander it.

He apparently didn’t feel victory was worth defending, or a stable Iraq worth maintaining, because it was ‘Bush’s victory,’ in a war that Obama never supported, not even as it was being won. And so, given the opportunity, Mr. Obama chose to withdraw all American troops from Iraq, leaving behind no residual force to insure stability.

Iraq is now turning into another Viet Nam, in that America’s political left has come to power and squandered politically what had been achieved militarily. By doing so, they allow terrorists to lay waste not only a country and its people, but drive an entire region toward increased danger and uncertainty.

Mr. Obama now is re-deploying our military, on a mission to Iraq. But he’s dressing it up in a guise of humanitarianism. Worse than misleading, it’s unseemly and clumsy. First, use the military to defeat the enemy; then, provide humanitarian aid to help the innocents. Mr. Obama seems to have it backwards; because he has hamstrung himself, having earlier politicized and then squandered America’s hard-earned victory.

And in a classic case of adding insult to injury, the Obama administration blames Iraq’s ongoing disintegration not on Mr. Obama’s own plodding miscalculations, but on the actions of his predecessor. Forget the heavily promoted presidential moniker, ‘No Drama’ Obama. As considerable drama unfolds all about him, this president should perhaps be called, ‘No Victory’ Obama instead.


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