Obama … in a Word … or Two (Part 4)

But how upset can one become over a president’s hypocrisy? Such is historically of abundance in politics and relatively minor among Mr. Obama’s shortcomings. For we now have a president who does not respect the rule of law, does not respect our constitution, and does not respect democracy – three things considered sacrosanct by many.

More specifically, he does not respect these things beyond their political utility, to be referenced or employed as rhetorical tool or political truncheon. At a basic level, Barack Obama has shown his utmost respect for two things: 1) the power of propaganda and 2) the exercise of raw power.

As a result, his response to nearly every challenge is to find the cameras and teleprompter and give a speech; he is more concerned with concocting self-serving political narrative than crafting sound domestic and international policy; he disregards inconvenient dictates of the very laws he has sworn to faithfully execute; and he prefers to bully, scapegoat and demonize his political opposition rather than negotiate meaningful solutions or respect opinions other than his own.

Mr. Obama is thus the type of politician who may well have thrived in the Soviet Union – cynical, ruthless, lawless. And he is one who wishes to fundamentally transform the United States of America from a constitutional republic, reliant upon the rule of law, into a nation of subjects, dependant upon on a newly enshrined authoritarian state.

And that, above all, is why he must be opposed.


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