Obama … in a Word … or Two (Part 3)

For the worst of Mr. Obama’s transgressions are the vast corruption of his administration and its contempt for the essential functioning of our constitution. Mr. Obama doesn’t hesitate to make substantive unilateral changes to federal legislation (in effect re-writing such legislation, as he has done more than twenty times with ObamaCare); to decline enforcing our immigration laws and securing our national border; or to re-allocate spending from one budget item to another; and to do so without consulting the U.S. Congress – which is solely vested by the U.S. Constitution with the power to write laws and pass budgets.

Our president compromises the functioning of our democracy when his Internal Revenue Service targets private citizens and citizen groups, because of their political persuasion, to inhibit their exercise of free speech in the months leading up to an election; and when officials of the IRS attempt to absolve themselves of responsibility for their misdeeds and mislead the Members of Congress charged with investigating such misdeeds.

Mr. Obama further disregards the rule of law by engaging in crony capitalism, fattening an ever burgeoning federal bureaucracy and enriching his political allies, on the backs of American taxpayers (recall Solyndra and the General Motors bailout, as prominent examples); and with warrant-less spying by the National Security Agency on a scale that, had it been pursued by his predecessor George W. Bush, would’ve prompted a reaction nothing short of apoplectic from the liberal establishment, including Mr. Obama himself.

But how upset can one become over a president’s hypocrisy …

                                                                                                       (to be continued)


3 thoughts on “Obama … in a Word … or Two (Part 3)

  1. OMG, another writer of the political scene. Good to know. We should share. I am Arlin of the arlinreport.com. I blog 1-2 articles a day. I enjoy sharing my opinion and stirring things up to get a dialogue going between followers. So far so good. I should also say I have a political science degree and am concerned where are nation is headed. Interestingly, I agree with everything you said in this blog. Looks like I missed Part 1 & 2. Will need to go to your site. Take care.


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