Obama … in a Word … or Two (Part 2)

Other prominent aspects of the Obama myth are an uncanny ability to elicit confidence, cooperation and good will from other nations, even those who had been considered our adversaries (apparently the reason our president was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize – which a man of humility would have politely declined – before he had accomplished anything beyond getting elected); as well as his purported uber-competence (in contrast to his predecessor George W. Bush’s purported uber-lack thereof); and his pledge to maintain the most ethical and transparent administration in American history.

Of course, none of this has panned out as promised.

Thanks to Mr. Obama’s misguided and arbitrary maneuvers on the world stage, America’s enemies no longer fear us, our allies no longer trust us and virtually no one respects us; one need merely reference Ukraine, the Middle East or other relevant headlines to find ample evidence.

Due to Mr. Obama’s lack of experience and feckless administration, our economy is mired in its most anemic recovery since the Great Depression, with its lowest labor participation rate since 1978; the Veterans Administration is both a bureaucratic nightmare and a national disgrace; and the Environmental Protection Agency functions to stifle economic growth and restrict private property rights with overly intrusive and burdensome regulation.

America’s southern border has been made a seamless sieve through which virtually anyone – friend or foe – can pass unopposed. American citizens are being made ever more vulnerable, and not merely to forces beyond our borders.

For the worst of Mr. Obama’s transgressions are …

                                                                               (to be continued)


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