Obama … in a Word … or Two

One of my many liberal friends (comes with the territory in West L.A.) asked me, during President Obama’s first term in office, what word best described the man. Imagine my friend’s chagrin when I told her I needed two words – charlatan and Soviet – to describe our current president.

You see, as long as I’ve observed Mr. Obama in national politics, he has held himself out as someone other than who he really is. A main premise of his 2008 campaign, for example, was his purporting to be a conciliatory leader, a political centrist, with an extraordinary ability to unite disparate political factions toward common purpose. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth, as was evidenced early in Mr. Obama’s first term.

He took advantage of overwhelming Democrat majorities in Congress to advance a nearly trillion-dollar, big government, power grab misleadingly labeled a ‘stimulus’ package, followed by a radical brand of health care legislation that a majority of Americans did not want. And to make matters worse, Mr. Obama deliberately alienated Republican legislators from the process, prompting a hyper-partisan, legislative fiasco.

Things got so bad that not a single House Republican voted for the ‘stimulus’ and no Republican in the House or Senate voted for ObamaCare. Now that the ‘stimulus’ has failed to ignite the economy, and ObamaCare’s implementation has proven a disastrous train wreck of failure and deceit, Obama and his fellow Democrats have no one to blame but themselves. Yet, in a mind-bending charade of conceit, Mr. Obama still blames his political adversaries, namely, Republicans.

Other prominent aspects of the Obama myth are …

                                                                                     (To be continued)


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