Mr. Romney … Please

No less venerable a source than Bill O’Reilly, of Fox News, has reported that Mitt Romney is considering yet another run for the presidency … seriously.

Let’s be clear, I am solidly with the 45% of Americans who, according to a recent Quinnipiac University poll, think America would be better off if Governor Romney were in the White House right now, instead of President Obama (who garnered a mere 38%). Having said that, here’s some unsolicited advice for Mr. Romney.

Overly cautious in your execution of inherently flawed strategies in 2012, you lost to an extremely vulnerable, highly beatable incumbent. And that was your second try at the presidency. Don’t expect a third effort to be a charmed walk in the park. The forces that aligned against you in 2012, so as to award Mr. Obama his second term, will line up once again if Hillary Clinton needs them.

Of course, if Hillary does not run in 2012, and she may well decide not to, then the calculation changes somewhat in your favor. And there is the factor of your having already weathered the withering negative storm that Obama and his left-wing media allies launched against you last time around — now on the other side of that storm, rehabilitated by the successful documentary, Mitt, which portrayed you in a favorable light, you may now actually be stronger than ever.

Please, continue to comment publicly on matters of national policy. That is welcomed. But as to running for high office once again, you cannot afford to be so half-hearted as you were in 2012, or you’ll suffer a similar outcome, and perhaps ruin the Republican party in the process. Follow this advice at your own peril … probably best to move on and leave the field open to other viable contenders.


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