Variation on a Scandal: Third Movement

Mr. Obama’s objective is entirely political – to divert attention, to buy time. That’s why this IRS email charade is easily compared to Obama’s Benghazi video charade, which was, on its face, too ludicrous to be taken seriously, much less believed. It was intended to obfuscate, to run out the clock on the president’s 2012 re-election campaign. Obama’s object now is to run out the clock on his presidency … to survive.

He may pull that off. But that’s about all, since he has lost the confidence of the American public – including moderate voters who were crucial to his presidential election victories, and even many Democrats. His leftist base remains, and will no matter how bitter it gets.

As to credibility, Obama’s has been squandered, repeatedly, on half-truths, non-truths and incompetence (matters including but not limited to: Fast & Furious, the Benghazi fiasco, phony red lines in Syria, misreading Putin’s Russia, misjudging the threat from extremists in the Middle East, repeated and brazen lies about ObamaCare, the abuse of our veterans by the Veterans Administration, and the deliberate, politically motivated targeting of American citizens by the IRS). Already flirting with lame duck status, the president and his administration risk being seen a discomfiting exercise in self-parody and political toxicity.

Mr. Obama will not regain credibility unless – and this is a huge unless – he acts boldly. First and foremost, he must have Eric Holder (the aforementioned Attorney General who’s running interference for him) appoint a special prosecutor to fully and aggressively investigate the IRS scandal.

That’s what it would take, to begin with. Anyone care to lay odds?


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