Variation on a Scandal: Second Movement

The ‘missing’ IRS emails are likened to 18.5 minutes of Richard Nixon’s Oval Office audiotape, erased during the height of the Watergate cover-up (way back in the 1970s), and never heard publicly. Those 18.5 minutes of purportedly incriminating audio remain a mystery and most likely always will.

These emails, however, are a different matter since such correspondence is required to be backed up, secured, which would make it retrievable. But wait … there is more … as it is now claimed by IRS officials that the suspect emails are not backed up after all, not secured, therefore not retrievable … how convenient for Ms. Lerner, and for the president.

An ongoing attempt to deny the ‘lost’ emails’ existence, if indeed they do exist, or to have caused their deliberate destruction, in the face of a congressional investigation, would constitute criminal conspiracy. But isn’t that small potatoes for the Obama administration? An annoyance to be kept at bay? So long as they have the liberal media and a U.S. Attorney General to run interference for them?


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