Hillary & Elizabeth … Seriously?

So, Hillary Clinton is once again on tour, promoting the latest sleep-inducing version of herself. Despite that – or perhaps because of it – I harbor doubts about her supposed inevitability in 2016. Running for president would not be as easy for Hillary as many predict, and for many reasons, not the least of which is the still unfolding Benghazi fiasco and her role in it. Other baggage would surely come to the fore, including her dearth of accomplishment as Secretary of State, or as anything else. She’s also a bit on the older side of life’s equation and not, shall we say, light on her feet – can’t really picture her prancing down the stairs from Air Force One a la Obama, can you?

Recently I saw Republican National Committee chairman, Reince Priebus (a sillier name, by the way, is hard to imagine) as much as predict that Hillary will not run for president again. I also saw Sen. Elizabeth Warren, of Massachusetts, on the Colbert Report, promoting a vapid tome of her own, and perhaps jockeying for early position in the upcoming Democrat primaries, should Hillary politely step aside. Well, let’s just say Ms. Warren didn’t do herself any favors … okay, I’ll say more.

When it comes to politics and recent American history, Ms. Warren is so thoroughly ensconced in her left-wing cocoon as to appear delusional. In a nutshell, she seemed to suggest to Mr. Colbert that things had been pretty darned good for middle-class Americans until Ronald Reagan became president, at which point our country took a pronounced turn for the worse; rich, greedy capitalists were cut loose to cheat ordinary Americans out of their hard earned money, and to continue doing so (apparently during both Democrat and Republican administrations) until our economy came crashing down upon itself in 2008. Her thesis really wasn’t more complex than that bit of populist pap – good heavens! This woman may actually run for president, and among left-wing kook Democrats (apparently there are lots of them) that’s considered a good thing.

Republicans should be so lucky.


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