What of America’s Dream?

Much has been written and said about ObamaCare – about its promise of affordable healthcare for most Americans, about the hyper-partisan manner in which the Democrats passed it, about the dubious manner in which President Obama has implemented it and the vast social and economic impact it would have.

For me, it ultimately comes down to this: if the policy mandates of Obama’s health care overhaul become fully implemented, along with other elements of his vast left-wing agenda, America will be a nation indelibly in decline.

America’s citizens and its economy will become overwhelmed by the government’s bureaucratic dominance, overburdened by a monstrous tax regime and suffocated by deficits and debt that can never be repaid. Americans will become alienated from the government that was designed by our founders to answer to us; we will become exhausted, demoralized and vulnerable.

Eventually, our nation will be subsumed into a new world order, one likely to be dominated by powers indifferent, perhaps hostile, to American ideals of individual liberty and self-determination. Our nation will recede toward insignificance to become a bland, historic anomaly, a formerly bright beacon of hope and freedom that had once inspired people the world over.

America will become weary and diminish. And so will its dream. 


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